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Welcome to the online home of IMPA!

The Intermountain Percussion Association exists to provide performers and educators in the marching percussion and wind activities a friendly competitive venue to hone their skills, develop their craft, and enjoy life-changing experiences in the performing arts.

Our Board of Directors is made up of active teachers from within our community, elected by their peers. We have a central focus of providing the best possible experience in the performing arts to as many students as possible, while providing excellent professional development to young and experienced instructors alike.

If you’d like to participate in our marching percussion or marching winds competitions, please contact us at To be kept up to date on our professional development opportunities, feel free to reach out to us, like us on Facebook, or check back to this website often.


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Areas of Focus

Indoor percussion

Our primary focus over the years has been to sponsor and promote indoor percussion competitions throughout northern Utah. While this will remain a primary role of the organization, our mission and goals are to provide performing experiences to many more young performers outside of the percussion realm. It is our belief that the WGI activity is an ideal way to help develop compassionate, thoughtful young adults.

indoor winds

With the recent start and growing popularity of WGI’s Indoor Winds division, we have chosen to support and sponsor competition in this art for any ensemble in our area looking to add a winds program. We understand indoor winds is not for every band program, we are simply here to provide a quality performance venue and educational structure for those ensembles that deem it beneficial.

Professional development

As we grow, a new focus of our organization will be to provide continued professional development to the instructors teaching in our area. These opportunities will usually come during the summer and fall months, and will be focused on things like show design, running a successful indoor performance ensemble, balancing marching and concert ensemble responsibilities, and of course teaching techniques to help make our educators better at what they do.